A Bright Outlook – Business In Focus

Recently, Suntrix Director Jenny Paradiso was interviewed for this feature article in the December edition of ‘Business In Focus’ magazine.

“We do not see ourselves as ‘just’ a solar company,” says Ms Paradiso.  “We do residential and commercial, and also wholesale, so we have an open market and fingers in lots of pies; we also provide more in the way of services than most providers.”

Suntrix can handle large-scale installations of solar arrays for commercial properties, but it also has “good strategic partnerships with other companies to provide specialized or individual services – anything from an energy audit through network protection for large commercial clients to energy monitoring, brokering and management.

The products and systems provided by Suntrix also have the effect of future-proofing its clients.  Take for example the recently launched monitoring system; this aims at raising the awareness of the public as to how they use their energy – their actions, habits, what they are doing and how it affects the environment and their consumption.  The monitoring system shows people if (and how well or otherwise) their solar system is working, then helps show the usage pattern of energy consumption – on an hourly basis.