Metropolitan LP Gas


Metropolitan LP Gas Pty Ltd

Metropolitan LP Gas Pty Ltd was established in 1985 and operates throughout South Australia to exclusively service the liquefied petroleum gas industry. Since that time, it has installed and serviced equipment for all major oil and gas companies in Australia.

Sustainable focus

As an industry leading, environmentally responsible organisation, Metropolitan LP Gas has a health, safety and environmental management plan that is specifically tailored to the petroleum industry.

Why Solar?

Brothers Paul Minett (Metropolitan LP Gas) and Ian Minett (Photo Mechanic Screen Printers) share a property in Edinburgh North and were both seeking a renewable energy solution to cover rising electricity costs. Having looked into solar options previously when building new warehouse facilities, Paul and Ian were aware their available roof space would be suitable. Initially, they resisted installing solar because of the lack of information available and their belief that products offered would not generate a return on investment.

Following the recent increases in power costs in South Australia, the Minett brothers decided to revisit a solar energy option and were referred to SunTrix in December 2012.

Project requirements

With an average consumption of around 120kWh/day, SunTrix advised a 30kW system installed parallel to the roof would be a simple solution for Metropolitan LP Gas. The 30kW system would have a return on investment in approximately 3.4 years, with the current cost of power and conservative increases taken into account.

Outstanding Performance Results

Installed in early 2013, the SunTrix solution was tailored to maximise return on investment and minimise the payback period. The system was designed to its optimum for the site and aspect, and it is already performing eleven per cent higher than the expected output. Currently the SunTrix system is covering 110% of the average power consumption and hasĀ directly saved Metropolitan LP Gas $1,795 in the first 56 days of operation.

Overall, Metropolitan LP Gas is thrilled with its decision to install a SunTrix design solution. Paul Minett remains in regular contact with his SunTrix consultant and performance data is analysed regularly to ensure the system is working most effectively. Mr. Minett is also discussing solar design options for other properties with SunTrix.

Project wins industry award

The project was developed during a period of change and tightening of Grid Connected PV Solar regulatory requirements. The success of the overall project was reliant on a holistic approach to bestpractice engineering design and construct, forward planning, product innovation, project management and commitment to health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ).

Suntrix was recognised by business and industry peers in August 2013 when presented with the NECA-SA Award of Excellence for the design and construct of the grid connect (GC) PV solar project at Salisbury North Football and Community Club.

Project Overview

  • Project Location
    Edinburgh North, SA
  • Solar System Type
    Grid Connected
  • Solar System Size
    30 kW
  • Project Installed
    February 2013

System Overview

  • PV Modules
    CNPV 250w poly-crystalline
  • Panel Warranties
    10 years product
  • 25 years performance
  • International warranty insurance
  • Inverter/s
    SMA Sunny TriPower 20000TL, SMA Sunny TriPower 10000TL
  • Inverter Warranty
    10 Years
  • Install & Design
    CEC-accredited, 5 year warranty

System Performance

  • Expected Output
    122.5 kWh/day
  • Expected Energy Yield
    44,704 kWh/annum

Financial Performance

  • Payback Period
    3.4 years
  • Average Savings
    $1,010 per month over first 4 years of operation

Environmental Benefits

  • Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Reduction
    36.4 tonnes of C02 per annum