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Suntrix have partnered with SENEC to offer our residential customers a quality German- engineered and German-made battery solution.

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SENEC.Home v3 Hybrid 5

  • Includes 4.5kWh of usable battery capacity
  • 1.5kW of battery backup
  • Upgradeable to 9kWh
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty
  • 20 year extended warranty available

SENEC.Home v3 Hybrid 10

  • Includes 9kW of usable battery capacity
  • 3kW of battery backup
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty
  • 20 year extended warranty available

Upgrade Your Solar System with Powerful Storage

Solar panels are great money-savers whilst the sun shines, and by adding a SENEC.Home Solar Battery to your solar system you can store that valuable energy and use it whenever you want - even at night.

Works Around-the-Clock

SENEC.Home is a rechargeable Solar Battery that automatically steps in when you need it, day or night and when the grid is down with SENEC.Backup Power pro (optional). It will intelligently manage your power needs, without you having to do a thing.

German Designed and Manufactured

Developed and manufactured in Germany, SENEC storage systems are durable and offer maximum safety. We do not compromise on quality.

Australian Service & Support

We offer local service & support and have helped many Australians with solar systems become up to 90% power self-sufficient with a multi-award winning SENEC.Home storage system.

Up to 20-Years Warranty Coverage!

A one-of-a-kind offer for Solar Batteries, SENEC.Care 20 (optional) provides an additional 10-year repair-or-replace guarantee after the initial warranty period.

Backed by utility giant EnBW

SENEC are part of one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe, trusted by millions of people around the world. With EnBW, we are working together for the energy of tomorrow.

Our next electricity bill will be $0

SENEC is the best investment we have ever made. Our solar battery is clearly paying itself off. We have recently had a SENEC.Home V2 Solar Battery installed and have already noticed a dramatic drop in our power bills and predict our next bill will be $0. I recommend a SENEC battery to anyone interested in a solar setup or anyone thinking about getting solar panels. Its modular design is far more superior to any of its competitors. SENEC is AMAZING!

Jarred Gray
New South Wales

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